Does Personal Liability Insurance Cover Dog Bites?

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According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, roughly seventy-seven million domestic dogs are in American homes. Every year, millions of individuals, usual youngsters, get bitten by dogs. Nearly ten thousand toddlers two years old or younger were among three hundred fifty thousand persons treated for non-fatal dog injuries in 2017. 

Legal expenses for dog bite liability are often covered by homeowner’s and renter’s insurance policies till the liability limits from the agent directory. The limit is typically from one hundred thousand to three hundred thousand dollars. If the claim exceeds the limit, the dog owner is liable for any additional damages. 

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Liability for dog bites and homeowner’s insurance 

Some insurers refuse to cover homeowners who possess dangerous dog breeds. In contrast, some insurers make specific decisions based on whether a particular dog has been labeled vicious regardless of breed. When writing or renewing homeowners insurance, some insurers do not inquire about the species of a pet dog, and they do not keep track of the breeds of dogs associated with bite events. Once a dog has bitten someone, though, it poses a greater danger. In that case, the insurers may raise the price, cancel the homeowner’s insurance policy, or refuse to cover the dog. 

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Some insurers are taking precautions to reduce their risk of such damages. Moreover, some firms make dog owners sign contracts for liability waivers in the event of a dog bite, while others charge more for owners of breeds like Rottweilers and pit bulls, and still, others refuse to insure dogs completely. Some insurance companies will cover the dog if the owner enrolls the dog in behavior modification programs or is restricted to a chain, muzzle, or cage. 

Does personal liability insurance cover dog bites? Liability of dog owners 

There are three types of laws that impose liability on dog owners: 

1) A dog-bite statute holds the dog keeper accountable for any harm or property loss caused by the dog without stimulus. 

2) Rule of one-bite: A dog keeper is liable for an injury by the dog if the dog owner knew the dog’s likelihood to produce such type of injury. Then, the victim must show the owner was aware that the dog was hazardous. 

3) Negligence laws: The dog keeper is responsible for the harm that occurred due to the dog owner’s unreasonable carelessness or negligence in managing the dog. 

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