Does Commercial Property Insurance Cover Theft?

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Numerous hazards come with owning and operating a business, so having proper small business insurance is critical. According to Fundera, the types of insurance you require will vary depending on your company’s operations, location, industry, and other factors. However, if your company has physical assets, you should consider purchasing commercial property insurance to protect those assets from damage, theft, and loss. 

Commercial property insurance protects your company’s physical assets and properties from damage, loss, and theft. Are you wondering how to convince the clients who are curious about does personal liability insurance cover dog bites? 

Which Commercial Property is Covered Under This Policy? 

The insurance covers business property such as buildings, stores, offices, tools, essential company records, inventory, outside signs, fences, landscaping, furniture, electronics, and equipment. 

Perils Covered by Commercial Property Insurance 

Commercial property insurance safeguards your company’s assets from a variety of threats. Accidental damage to business property caused by external occurrences such as fire, disrupting computer operations and data hacks, natural disasters, including fire and storms, personal things left on business premises, and business property theft are among them. 

Exceptions of Commercial Property Insurance 

Although commercial property insurance covers a wide range of losses, it’s vital to note a few items that aren’t covered by a conventional policy. When you need more coverage, it’s usually simple to purchase add-on coverage. 

These are some things that most business property insurance policies don’t cover, like employee or business partner theft, theft of cash and other valuables, and loss of earnings. Similarly, product flaws, commercial vehicle damage or loss, equipment malfunction, and movable property are also not under the policy. Lastly, flood and earthquake damage, as well as environmental damage, are not covered. 

Factors Affecting Commercial Property Insurance Price 

Some sectors are inherently riskier and more vulnerable to property loss than others. Restaurants, for example, are the most susceptible to flames. Property insurance is typically more expensive for brick-and-mortar enterprises than it is for internet firms. Online firms with extremely costly or unique data, on the other hand, are an exception. The location of a business, such as a street address in a high-crime area, can also influence the cost of commercial property insurance. What other firms do can affect your own expense. For example, if a neighboring business uses combustible materials, your property insurance will be more expensive. 

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